If you own a truck, the best thing you could do is have it scheduled for a regular maintenance check. Just like cars that need to be serviced, trucks do too.

Trucks should also go for regular checks to see if they require any tune-ups or scheduled maintenance, which might be a 30, 60 or 90k service. Just like with cars, trucks also have a regular vehicle maintenance schedule, which should be adhered to, to maintain the longevity of your truck.

When looking for a company to service your truck, you should look out for one that offers a warranty, which is valid for about two years, as well as one that is extremely professional.

Truck Maintenance Services

Truck Services

These usually include a 40,000 to 60,000-mile <ahref=”http://www.rubiconfriends.com/contact/”rel=”dofollow”>reach service, auto services, and a 90,000 to 120,000-mile service, which is all available depending on which is more suitable for your truck.

  • Auto Service – Truck maintenance services commonly offer comprehensive, as well as professional help with your car. Anything from a small concern, to a major concern, counts as an auto service. The company which provides maintenance services for your truck will be able to diagnose the problem and present you with a range of options.
  • 60,000-Mile Service – If you use your car a little more, or drive a little further than the general car, then you need a 60,000-mile service plan, which includes Automatic Transmission Fluid, Engine Coolant and Differential Fluid.
  • 90,000 to 12,000-Mile service – If you drive a lot more than the average individual, and you’re travelling long distances on the road daily, such as with a transportation goods or cooling truck, then you’ll have to get the 90,000 to 120,000-mile service plan, which is best for trucks with wear and tear items. This service includes the fixing of driver belts, coolant hoses, along with motor mounts and suspension bushings.


Tuning and Brakes

  • Brake Service – As one of the most important services that need to be done on a truck regularly, checking and tuning your brakes could be the one thing that causes major accidents. If you are experiencing any problems with your breaks, you should check them before it results in a serious problem. Trucks often require more maintenance servicing than cars, due to having to travel long distances and carrying heavy loads.
  • Tune up Service – General tune-up and maintenance services include the replacement of plugs, cabin air filters, the replacement of engine air filters, rotating your tires and replacing the oil filter, as well as the engine’s oil.
  • The Complete Inspection
    • Ball joints and dust covers
    • Drive shaft boots
    • Brake linings, drums and brake pads
    • Brake lines and hoses
    • Automatic transmission fluid levels and refill
    • Engine coolant levels and refilling
    • Fuel tank band
    • Fuel tank vapour vent system hoses
    • Fuel tank cap gasket
    • Radiator, condenser and cooler
    • Rear differential oil
    • Steering gear box, linkage and boots
    • Transfer of case oil

Truck maintenance also includes wheel and suspension, which includes wheel alignment services, suspension services, transmission services and engine services, to ensure optimal reliability and performance of your truck.